Formtoro combines multi-step sign up forms with live data collection.

Our platform enables ecommerce marketing teams to do their best work without guessing.

Our approach optimizes ad spend, unlocks personalization, and increases conversion.

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Start with the marketer

Marketers love personas, they construct them, build them then test them via ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok, and any number of other platforms.

What’s lacked across all the platforms is a way to understand the quality of the traffic being driven.

Formtoro allows marketers to build multi-step sign up forms that live record data as the customer progresses through steps. Unlocking data points relevant to their buyer journey.

We work directly with your marketing team to design and implement sign up forms that collect data you can use.

Multi use coupon codes

Every website does a single use coupon code, then they chase customers to come back with discounts. We eliminated this biased approach by creating dynamic unique coupon codes that can be used multiple times complete with expiration dates.

Logic Mapping

Get to the core of what matters to your customers with questions around their interests, what matters most about those interests, how many they own, and when they are looking to purchase.

Tiered discounts

Gamification is great, but what happens when everyone wins? Trade a larger discount for more data and collect information at the time when customers are most willing to provide it.


Understand you customers

You’ve heard clean data in, clean data out. By asking questions with definitive answers we make the sign up process frictionless and also beneficial for both the brand and the customer. Brands can now send outreach that is tailored to the answers of the customer and the customer is more likely to interact with content personalized for them.

Welcome Series

A large number of customers convert via the welcome series, yet for most brands the welcome series is the same for everyone, it’s near impossible to personalize if you only have an email or phone number. With additional data points we make it easy to provide the customer with the experience they are looking for.

Abandon Cart

What if you knew exactly what mattered to a customer and the timeframe they were looking to purchase in – now you can, which makes drafting abandon cart flows incredibly easy and directly tailored to bolstering trust by selecting reviews that would be most relevant or building trust highlighting what the customer cares about most


If someone said they were looking to buy in a few months, you wouldn’t waste money retargeting them right away would you? Now with data collection you can not only retarget at the right time but with the right content based on the answers the customer provided. It’s amazing what you can do with retargeting when you know what matters to a customer.


Increase your revenue

Stop guessing. Seriously, we built our reporting to tell you exactly what ads are performing by data point adding a qualitative measurement to go along with the qualitative sale. So we can tell you which data points are driving the most revenue then use the top earning data point combinations to tell you exactly which sources and UTMs are driving those data combinations. Land and expand without relying only on conversion data. We schedule weekly calls to answer any questions you have about your data as well.

We’ll take care of almost everything

Questions people usually ask:

What is the cost?

We charge $0.50 per data point. We do not charge for collecting an email or phone number. We view the value in the data beyond what you can collect from existing systems. We’ve structured this so that the cost can be shifted from your wasted ad spend to optimized ad spend via data.

What happens if someone doesn’t finish a form?

All the information is passed very step in the form. If someone drops off, the information collected up to that point is passed on to your integration partner. If there was no identifier used (email or phone number) then the information will be stored and connected to the identifier at a later time if they the visitor is using the same device.

What do I do with the data?

Data is a powerful thing and can unlock a lot of different things. Primarily, we see customers using data to create more personalized email flows, higher converting website copy, and of course using our reporting to know exactly which ad audiences and content are producing the best customer from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

Will I see a drop off in sign ups when I ask multiple questions?

Conventional wisdom says that you would, however in our testing we’ve seen that more than 95% of people that put in their email address finish the form. There are some caveats to this, brand, offer, etc. But we’ve found that people that complete the form convert at 22% without retargeting. Most people don’t mind sharing data with brands that is relevant to their buyer journey as long as it’s not something too intrusive.

Why is a multi use coupon code better than a single use?

Math. For better or worse, we ran the numbers and if you can increase repeat purchases by 7% you actually make more revenue by offering a multi-use discount. It also takes out the friction of someone waiting for a sale or other coupon code. When you remove bias you get a more accurate picture of the time until repeat purchase.

Most notably though it allows someone to try out a new brand by making a small purchase and coming back to make a second purchase soon after without the more common signing up with another email address.

What questions should I ask?

We recommend brands ask between 3-5 questions during sign up. Longer forms tend to create more friction and may not be finished but when someone commits to providing an email address a few taps on a screen is pretty harmless. We follow a pretty straightforward format, questions about type of product interest, what matters most to the customer related to that product, how many do they currently own or how often do they use the product, and when are they looking to buy.

These help us map interest, details for personalization around perceived value, an approximate lifetime value, and a cadence at which to email, text, and or retarget the customer via ads.

Who do you integrate with?

Shopify, Klaviyo, Drip, and Zapier to send your information anywhere else you need. You can send your data to multiple places at the same time through Zapier.