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Marketing Strategy

We specialize in Marketing Strategy specifically around working with existing email lists to properly segment potential customers, design personalized content, and deliver timely results while building a complete profile on your customer database and minimizing unsubscribe rates.

We believe in simple principles to drive growth through data driven analysis and strategy development. Rather than sell to everyone we obsess over conversion and maximizing our time spent on those that are most likely to convert while guiding those that are less likely to become like those that are ready.


We’re proud to have seen teams accomplish:

  • Doubling their email list 2x in the course of 4 months (5 figures to start)
  • Doubling their spend per order
  • Creating content driven emails that convert without sales
  • Adding valuable details to understand customer buying habits
  • Conversion rates from click through as high as 40%
  • Taken companies from sub $1 million to $20 million +


We can use any email provider with the ability to segment, Typeform, and Trello for content scheduling. We’re happy to use what you already are using as the principles are the same and the software is not as large a component as the strategy.


  1. Evaluation of current processes
  2. Understanding of key KPIs
  3. Breakout sessions with stakeholders
  4. CX evaluation of web site and information
  5. Deep dive into current success with customers
  6. Creation of flows
  7. Reporting of KPIs
  8. Weekly check-ins on progress and optimizations


We’ll work with your team to create reports that provide an accurate picture of current activities and success ratio.