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Customer Support Automation

We specialize in Customer Support Automation, taking largely unstructured data, structuring it, and setting up processes for customers to self solve their tickets.


We’re proud to have seen teams accomplish:

  • Up to 85% self solved tickets where solution is available
  • Up to 50% reduced agent touches on tickets
  • 0 new tickets for an entire calendar year everyday
  • Data aggregation to make informed decisions on product
  • Taking customer support from a cost center to a data center
  • Savings of up to $10 million in customer lifetime value


We use Zendesk, Typeform, and Zapier to add structure and process to support tickets we’re happy to work with you on your existing platforms as well, however there will be a learning curve. We’ve found this combination to be the easiest to implement from our trials.


  1. Evaluation of current processes
  2. Understanding of key KPIs
  3. Breakout sessions with stakeholders
  4. CX evaluation of current support site and information
  5. Deep dive into current success with customers
  6. Creation of flows
  7. Reporting of KPIs
  8. Weekly check-ins on progress and optimizations


What solid reporting looks like – Sample Report with Demo Data


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