90-day plan

Companies today ask for a 90-plan, if they don’t, they should be, here’s why:

A 90-day plan gives the company insight into what a new hire hopes to accomplish in their first 90-days. It is a telling sign of how they approach problems, what they have done in the past, and at the same time allows them a good deal of creative flexibility in explaining their immediate goals in a new position.

All 90-day plans should be structured something like this:

Days 1-30: Observe and Learn

The first 30 days your one job is to observe everything. When you start a new role, the best way to learn is to get as much information about current clients or potential demographics. You should reach out to these clients directly to collect missing information. Every piece of information that you collect from them should be categorized, segmented, and placed in a different basket.
Nothing is more important in sales or marketing than the customer journey.

Days 31-60: Planning for Success

Your second 30 days is where you’ll take the information that you’ve collected and you’ll start slicing and dicing it to decide on next steps. What I mean by this, is be very smart about every choices you make in sales and/or in marketing. Don’t got down a rabbit hole of assumptions.
Once you have your data collected, you’re going to work through it to find patterns. From patterns and customer feedback, you can begin to develop programs that help target the appropriate demographic. If you have the appropriate demographic, you’ll watch your conversion rate skyrocket. At the end of the day it’s all about efficiency.
Once you have a good understanding of who your customer is, you need to build content that they will enjoy, share, and most importantly, contribute to. Think of ways to engage and leverage your existing customers.
There are always ways to improve customer interactions. Always.

Days 61-90: Action Time

Day 60 through 90 are where the rubber hits the road. At this point, your sole focus is to ensure that the customer journey is clear, your calls to action are clear, that behind every motion your client or potential has a sense of scarcity and urgency.

Build the tools necessary to pinpoint your highest conversion tactics and double down, but always be thinking of content plays in the back of your mind. With every interaction is a play for the spread of information.

Leverage everything.


A 90-day plan is the best way to rate and evaluate a new employee, consultant, executive, etc. The best ones knock it out of the park well before the first 90-days, but they all follow these steps to get there.

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