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If your website isn’t optimized for a mobile experience, you’re missing out big. I know if you’re like me, your phone is something you check before you get out of bed, in most cases it’s the last thing you look at before you go to sleep. I check my email on it, I read the news on it, I control my lights with it.

They go with me everywhere, both of them. Yup, I like many other people have two cell phones, one for work, and one for personal. I am a pro when it comes to deleting emails and I’m not afraid to judge. You have a subject line and the precious characters that my iPhone shows me get me to open up your email. Choose wisely.

It today’s connected world, the phone is the first thing people reach for.

I look up everything on my phone, because of the way my brain works, if I think of something or I remember it, I search it. 99% of the time this is on my smart phone.

It’s simply the way that people work these days. I had a conversation with a company the other day about their strategy to go live. We talked about their product and the desktop app they were building, but their product interfaced with the real world, which begged the question, why not an app or a mobile platform?

As much as html5 has been hyped as the perfect way to have a non-app version of your website, the culture is still around apps when it comes to mobile experiences, they are just better.

Facebook’s traffic now is dominated by mobile.

Create content that is designed for mobile. Know that people will see it on their phones before they see it on a desktop. Purchasing is now skewing in the direction of mobile first as well. Don’t get left behind.

Yet, most companies still do all their email mockups on desktops and a good amount of them don’t even bother to see what it would look like on mobile displays before hitting send.

Improve your conversion rate, write for mobile.

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