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Lack of Communication Breeds Confusion


Most companies have multiple teams, those teams don’t always see eye to eye.

Strategy is lost between them, one goes one way one goes another. You see it all the time.

The Product team is working on something that Marketing and Sales know nothing about.

The Marketing team is doing something that Sales knows nothing about.

The Sales team is promising things that Marketing or Product know nothing about.

Breaking down and working through these gaps in communication helps to streamline processes. Everyone hates a big meeting, but at least once every two weeks the team leaders should collect questions from their respective teams and sync up to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Keep the meetings to less than 30 mins of talking and 30 minutes of genuine Q & A. Come with a good statistical backing if you are asking a question or presenting something. People listen to evidence, not opinion.

Have all of your employees keep a log of ongoing questions, employees that are involved are less likely to become reclusive and shy away from being proactive.

A reactionary company environment zaps creativity and destroys morale, as it feels like everyone is always scrambling to fix a problem. Problems then become the focus rather than the solution.


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