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Friday Afternoons

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Employees hate Friday afternoons. Nothing gets done.

Some companies try to offset this by providing beer and then breaking up the teams to do prep work or recap work on Friday afternoons. This is a waste of time. People check out.

Unless you’re in the hospitality industry or your company is hosting or participating in an event over the weekend, don’t plan anything productive for Friday afternoons.

Give your employees a break, honestly, they’ll work harder the other days of the week if they know they’ll be able to get out of the office a bit earlier on Friday.

One company did this, every Friday, they let everyone out at 2pm and paid them for the full day. It was great and all the employees loved it. They all genuinely wanted to do more work, but knew that no one would pick up the phone on a Friday afternoon and they were in real estate who usually show houses on the weekends.

In contrast, another company decided that Friday afternoons would be the best days to hold roundtable discussions and provide beer and wine. Some of these ran til 6pm. No one liked these at all. In fact, people questioned their value and eventually just started leaving early because of pre-existing dinner plans, if you miss happy hour on a Friday because of some rambling meeting that doesn’t really add value, your company morale will suffer.

In today’s modern world, most employees set up the next week on either Friday morning or Sunday evening. As far as anything productive happening on a Friday afternoon, just be grateful they work longer than 8 hours a day the other four days of the week.

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