Conversion matters more than traffic

Traffic is great, but it doesn’t matter.

Most marketing managers miss the mark on this one in a very large way.

The focus for so many years has been, how to drive more traffic, versus how to drive and connect with the right audience. No place are we more isolated in this bubble than in Silicon Valley.

Example: Selling a product that costs $50

If you are selling a product that costs $50 this amount of money is relative to the geographic location and income earned in that location. The value of that $50 ranges widely from state to state and city to city.

In places in the USA where people do not have high wages, it could take more than a full day after taxes to be able to afford that product. Whereas in most major cities across the USA it might take most employees less than 3 hours to be able to afford that $50 product.

I have seen this time and time again, companies making bad decisions and flushing tens of thousands of dollars down the drain marketing to the wrong segments and trying to sell companies that simply do not pay their employees enough money to be able to justify the cost of some business software options. I’m not saying don’t ever go after this sector, what I am saying is in the beginning, before you start perpetuating a good reputation without the need for advertising, ¬†go after the markets that make the most sense, do not waste money and time on markets that aren’t a good fit that increase traffic without any real possibility of increasing conversion.

It’s not rocket science, anyone that can work their way through statistics and knows how to actually look at data can put together a great report for how to succeed as long as they understand the market and know what to look for.


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