Why it’s time to ditch the testimonials

You see them on nearly every website, speech bubbles from “actual customers” telling you to buy the product of the page they appear on.

They say things like,

“Before Acme, Inc. I used to spend 1o hours invoicing, now I can do it all in less than 4 hours!”

Most people at most companies would think this is great and that it’s exactly the type of thing that will sell their product. The problem is, it tells most people nothing. If you were lucky enough to get someone down that far on your page to read it, you’ve failed at giving them anything.

People care about stories, about other people they can relate to about struggles and triumphs over them.

What the don’t care about is vague claims that aren’t backed up by anything actionable.

How did you save 6 hours, did you outsource your work to someone else, did you find someone else more skilled at doing the work, did you cut your staff so there was less work, did you realize that you were adding work by not automating a process?

You can see where not giving the full story is enough to tease people, but leaving it like that doesn’t really make anyone want to do anything more than find out a bit more. If that’s what you’re after good for you, it may work, but most people also know these testimonials are scripted and arranged, that’s how they make it on your website.

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